BGG Ratings Explained

Simon Todd - 24th June 2017

I use Boardgamegeek to track ratings of the games I have played, which offers a scale of 1 - 10. For consistency, here's my interpretation of the scale, which I use to assign ratings.

  1. Michael Gove: Would be better if it didn't exist.
  2. Somebody elses fart in an elevator: Forced toleration until the soonest possible moment of escape.
  3. Watching paint dry: Forgettable experience. What was the game called again?
  4. Shopping with your partner: Minimal enjoyment derived from seeing others enjoy themselves, despite having a miserable time yourself.
  5. Watching Home Alone: Feelings of "not this again", diluted by fleeting moments of goodness.
  6. Digestives: solid experience, if not a little uninspiring. Quickly dropped in favour of better things.
  7. Your own fart in an elevator. Satisfying and remembered fondly, although not to be repeated too often.
  8. Chocolate Malted Milk: Moreish guarantee of a good time.
  9. Game of Thrones: Bingeworthy and full of great talking points.
  10. Skyrim: Masterpiece. Always an amazing experience and never gets old.

I should also add that I only really like to assign a score once I've had at least 5 plays of a game. I played Friday 10 times before I gave it its paltry score, admittedly because it was part of my 10 x 10 challenge, but people can't say I'm unfair!