Gaming The Game: Achievements

Simon Todd - 1st July 2017

Following on from my previous admission of AD, I've identified a way of making sure those spurious purchases dont just rot on the shelf, and get the table time they deserve. Introducing: Achievements.

I'm a real stickler for not just completing games, but completely completing them. Be it collecting all the Gold Skulltulas in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or farming achievements on Steam, a video game isn't done unless there's absolutely no more to do. That concept of achievements is one that pulls me back to playing the same game over and over; maybe the same concept could work for board games?

Very few solo board games list achievements in their rulebooks, and that's a real missed opportunity. For each of the solo games I own, I plan on adding a simple list of Achievements to a section of my website that I'm calling Challenges. That way, there's extra incentive to break out an old game and try to do something that I haven't before.

I've added a fair few already, although there's still a few games in my collection that need adding. Just creating the achievements has made me want to invest more time into some of these games, which who knows, could even restrict those AD purchases. Time will tell, but I'm excited about giving it a go.