August Excitement

Simon Todd - 23rd July 2017

I've backed a fair number of Kickstarters over the last year or so, and it seems they're all due to grace my doorstep in August. This is leading to off-the-chart levels of excitement, so I'm blogging about it to release some pressure.

Here's the games in question, in ascending order of lustitude:


I could have picked this up at the UK Games Expo, but I'm a tit. As punishment, I'm still waiting for this to arrive, but have been enjoying the free Steam key for the full version of its big brother that came included with the backer level. I backed this purely from watching the Rahdo playthrough and the fact that it was so damn cheap. If it turns out to be rubbish I haven't lost anything; I've gotten my monies worth from the PC key alone.

SUPERHOT is a compact little deckbuilder where you're trying to survive multiple rooms and complete objectives, armed initially only with your fists and flea-like dexterity. The same 'frozen time' mechanics present in the video game are captured in the gameplay through the clever interactions with the central queue. It looks to play pretty quickly, and the portability was a real draw for me.


Another purchase based heavily on value, I actually fell into Triplock when doing a bit of research for Too Many Bones (discussed later!). Triplock looks like nothing else I own, and the modular content looked like it not just had some legs, but would be affordable and regularly added to.

The whole game revolves around picking master locks by moving chips around to get the perfect combination, as detailed by your unique diagram cards. It all looks nicely light, yet stuffed with a good amount of strategy. It's honestly a punt, but one that I'm confident will pay off.

Too Many Bones

Yet more Chip Theory Games purchases, and boy did I go all in on this one. Everything available I have ordered and I am convinced that I'll love it. I'm a sucker for the tactile stuff, and the components in this game look off the charts. Poker chips, dice, neoprene game mats... heaven.

As you adventure across the land in search of the big boss, you take on a number of encounters using the included battle mat and dice representing your skills and abilities. The spacial aspect that the battle mat introduces places a whole new level of importance on positioning and skill selection, which looks a real challenge to master. Infact a lot of the reviews talk at great length about mastery of particular characters, which really shows how much depth this game should have. It might have been expensive, but there's a lot of gameplay in those boxes.

Tiny Epic Quest

Zelda. I am beyond excited to play this for that reason alone, but add in those Itemeeples and the excitement goes through the roof. This game fills me with nostalgia; everything about it I expect to love. I'm already wanting expansion content and I haven't even played the base game yet. GIVE ME CLOAKS!!!

Given the simplicity there's even the chance I'll be able to tempt my wife into a game or two of it, although the Zelda references will be lost on her...


Nothing more needs to be said about this. Since I was a kid I'd always wanted Hero Quest, and this for me is a modern day version. I am SO excited about finally getting to play Gloomhaven after missing the first Kickstarter that I am seriously considering booking time off work to do so. It's promising to be everything I ever wanted in an RPG board game.