Shipping Costs

Simon Todd - 6th August 2017

A couple of times over the last week or so I've been stunned by excessive shipping costs. Whereas previously I'd have probably just grit my teeth and gone ahead anyway, these are the straws broke my grumpy humpy back.

Pack NO Game

I'm a relatively new subscriber to Tabletop Gaming Magazine, and Issue 11 recently landed on my doormat. Amongst it's informative pages this time round was a review for a set of 16 individual hyper-duper-micro games, collectively titled Pack O Game. I had a read of the summaries of each, and there was one in particular I fancied picking up: Spy. How much for that chewing gum pack-sized delight? $5.99, about £4.50.

Tiny game, fair price, I add it to the cart and fill in my details. They want $14.99 for shipping. I close the web browser in disgust.

Are they flying it over business class and hiring it a chauffeur driven limo straight to my front door?! That's obscene.


I consume a lot of board game media, and the format I spend the most time with is video. One such creator I have watched right from the beginning of my interest in the hobby, and that's Ricky Royal. From Mage Knight to Thunderstone Advance, to Too Many Bones, Rickys' videos have sold me on a lot of games, and helped me learn them too.

Ricky is a regular solo player and he's spent years working on his own design, Renegade. That design finally hit Kickstarter a few weeks back, and I backed it day one. $39 was a good price for the contents, but after a few weeks of consideration I pulled my backing. Why? Shipping.

$19 shipping this time. That's not an insignificant amount of money to flush away.

You Miserable Git, Simon

"Why are you so annoyed?" you're bound to be asking. "You can't expect stuff to just magically appear on your doorstep for free."

Firstly, I am used to the Amazon Prime service. So I don't just expect stuff to just magically appear on my doorstep for free (not withstanding the annual fee), I also expect it to appear quickly.

Secondly, for those of you now saying "Yes but this is shipping from not just another country but another continent!", I offer you the argument-ending example of Triplock. That's a game with quality components, probably not-dissimilar heft, and it's shipped from the USA to the EU for TEN DOLLARS.

There's no excuse.